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Lyn Koonce

Singer Songwriter

Lyn was just a kid, hairbrush in hand, favorite rocker pose, and head bobbing up and down to a Beatles song, when it became evident to her that she wanted to be a “rock-n-roll star”. She grew up both in eastern NC and Rhode Island, the 4th of 4 children and the only one who “stuck” with music lessons; violin, piano, saxophone, guitar just to name of few. As a teenager, she took lessons for some instruments and others, she simply figured out on her own. 

After high school, she joined a volunteer organization and lived in Costa Rica for a year before returning stateside to study music education. She taught music in the public schools for a bit and later went back for a Masters in conducting. While her deepest desire was to write, play, and perform her own songs, she loved teaching and interacting with students of all ages, so she followed that path. She continues to maintain a private studio of voice and guitar students. 

Over the years, Lyn has recorded four records, the latest of which is called “Begin Again.” Lyn mixes the sounds of folk and pop, with a hint of blues, to make music you’ll remember. With her guitar or piano as a backdrop, her voice is both powerful and comforting—and her award-winning songs follow suit. 

In recent years, Lyn continues to pay close attention to that deep desire of playing, writing, and singing her songs on the road. She’s toured house concerts and venues all over the U.S, and finds the interaction with the folks who come to her shows a steady source of soul satisfaction. 

Currently, along with performing, Lyn is creating sounds in the circle. She’s studied with Bobby McFerrin along with the creators of Musica Do Circulo in Brazil and brings circle singing (CircleSounds) to organizations and the community through team development as well as to her shows. Learn more about her CircleSounds workshops here. (



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