Circle Sounds

An out-of-the-box musical experience that builds trust, deepens connection, and brings people together.

Engaging and transformational events for groups of all sizes

Circle Sounds is a powerful and innovative group experience based on musical expression and improvisation without any musical background required. Designed to help people deepen their sense of trust, communication, and creative energy, Circle Sounds offers a radically different and entirely unique approach to the idea of community.

It’s an affirming experience that’s all about openness, change, spontaneity, and exploration. There are no mistakes — just experimentation, positivity, and connection. 

Whether you want to raise your voice with others around the world as part of our Virtual Circle Sounds Community or deepen the bonds of trust within a smaller group or team, Circle Sounds offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore, connect, and light up through the power of music and sound.


"Sing your heart out in a mistake-free zone!  Lyn provides a space for all levels of vocal talent to create many different vocable styles and rhythms. Circle Sounds is a mind-sharpening, confidence building, exhilarating vocal experience!  It’s also FUN!" - Beth L., Artist 

"I have gone to Circle Sounds with Lyn for about a year. It is play with music and body percussion. It is a laboratory for the creative process and fellowship." - Mike D., Retired Engineer and Massage Therapist


Circle Sounds Workshops & Facilitation

Circle Sounds builds personal connection, community, and team trust using voice, sound, and a spirit of play. A guided process designed to meet your specific goals and intentions, Lyn’s signature workshops and facilitations offer an effective modality for co-workers and teams, friends, students, members of faith traditions, and even strangers.

Designed for 5–50 people, Lyn’s workshops are available as 1-hour, 2-hour, half-day, and full-day experiences to deepen participants’ sense of themselves and each other through fun, musical experimentation, and imagination.

  • Build and deepen trust 
  • Enhance communication 
  • Cultivate connection and collaboration
  • Bridge diverse backgrounds 
  • Create a sense of belonging through safe, inclusive spaces 
  • Develop stronger interpersonal relationships 
  • Navigate challenge and conflict with greater ease 
  • Embrace a spirit of play and creativity 

Through the unique lens of music and sound, Circle Sounds enables groups of all kinds to cultivate and nourish healthy interpersonal dynamics and a collective sense of purpose.

  • Teams and organizations
  • Churches and faith groups
  • Students and schools
  • Music festivals
  • Group/retirement living homes
  • Libraries and civic groups
  • Retreat centers and conferences

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